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"Comfort and Quality can be yours
with Honest Abe"

Before you purchase a cookie-cutter vinyl and pressboard house in a crowded subdivision, find out about the warmth and comfort of a genuine Honest Abe Log Home.

The Honest Value Guarantee

It's our promise that Honest Abe will meet or beat the price of any competitor's comparable home package. Simply submit a detailed item-for-item quote from another company, and if we find it to be lower than our package, we'll meet it. How can we offer such a guarantee? Because Honest Abe's time-tested procedures have proven to be the best possible solution for new log home buyers. Our expert design engineers create dynamic, yet efficient, floor plans; our state-of-the art manufacturing process produces high-quality packages with less waste; and everyone on our experienced staff is readily available to assist you, each step of the way. Dollar for dollar, you can't find a better deal -- guaranteed.

Limited 25 Year Warranty

Honest Abe Log Homes warrants the logs and structural beams in your log or timber frame package to be free of manufacturing defects that might unreasonably affect their structural performance in normal usage. Ask more about this!

Straight Talk, Honest Value . . .

. . . at Honest Abe, we don't take our name lightly. Mention the name "Honest Abe" and the character and dignity of Abraham Lincoln comes to mind, a man who stood for truth without compromise. At Honest Abe Log Homes, we take pride in forging relationships with our customers and working together to ensure they receive unbeatable value and the highest standards of quality in the log home industry.

It's What You've Always Wanted
At Honest Abe Log Homes, we recognize that no two folks are the same, and so we make it our business to help build the home you desire. From starter packages, to pre-designed floor plans, to one-of-a-kind breathtaking structures, Honest Abe takes great pride in bringing your dreams to life.

We know that a house becomes a home only when it reflects the character and conveniences most suitable to your personal lifestyle. More than just a house, we build trust with a commitment to straight talk, a strong service and support network, uncompromising quality, unbeatable value and workmanship. With over three decades in the log home building industry, the assurance you have with Honest Abe is that your log home will be "just what you've always wanted."

Folks in the market for a new log home will find that Honest Abe offers a variety of choices and benefits. Along with the freedom to choose a look and style that pleases even the most demanding tastes, we offer flexibility in design, assistance in finding labor to construct your new package, an excellent warranty, tours, classes, seminars, and most importantly, service after the sale.

Constantly updating and improving our high-tech manufacturing process has made us a leader in the log home industry. We take great pride in every home we produce, and it shows in more ways than one; we use only kiln-dried, graded logs, provide multiple sets of plans and easy-to-follow construction manuals, and there's our helpful, friendly network of nationally located representatives to guide you through the excitement of the log home experience. Neatly stacked onto all of that is the exclusive Honest Value Guarantee. Simply stated, it pledges to meet the price of any comparable log home package -- dollar for dollar, nail for nail -- no games, no gimmicks, and no fine print. Honest.

Helping You All the Way
Our experience in the log home business is evident in the way we treat our customers. Honest Abe's local representatives are there to answer your questions, provide support, and offer a wide variety of products and services for the new home buyer:
* Our Genuine Select models are a line of pre-designed affordable homes
* Our Legacy Collection contains more than 50 superb, customizable floor plans Log Home Plans!
* Our in-house design service can create the home of your dreams
* We provide the most complete package on the market (and back it up with our exclusive Honest Value Guarantee)
* Kiln-dried, graded logs, with four different looks from which to choose
* Our flexible program gives you choices in roof styles and other components
* Step-by-step construction guides for Log or Timber Frame homes
* Delivery anywhere a tractor-trailer can drive
* Our Partners Program -- offering select items to complete the interior of your new home . . . from furniture to flooring

Getting Your Cost Estimate
Whether you choose to build one of our standard plans, modify a plan, or completely custom design your own plan, we are always happy to give you cost and construction information. Just give us a call and we will "visit a spell" while we talk about your design, the options we offer, and the package pricing you need to help you get your home started.

Honest Abe's Philosophy
For generations the nickname Honest Abe has symbolized the finest of American traditions, straight talk, integrity, and the convictions to back up one's claims. Abraham Lincoln believed that everybody -- rich or poor, powerful or powerless -- had the right to the truth and a fair deal.
At Honest Abe Log Homes, we don't take our name lightly. Being honest is an important part of our philosophy. You might say, the most important part! Because when you buy from Honest Abe Log Homes, you are not only investing your money, you are investing your trust. We promise you value and integrity, the same promise we have been making to our customers for more than three decades. Our company was founded on the principle that honesty is the only policy. That's why we chose the name! Like Mr. Lincoln, we "tell it like it is" in plain English. No fine print, no hidden costs, no unpleasant surprises -- just one of the best log home packages on the market at the best price. Honest Abe!

Honest Abe Log Home Material Packages
* A log home package can be as simple as logs and timbers, the upper structural portion of porches, with recommended exterior wood treatment products.
* A more comprehensive package would include materials needed to get your home to a "dried-in" stage of construction. In addition to logs and timbers, this package would include sub-flooring materials, ceiling beams and decking for second floors, framing material for partition walls, the roof system of your choice, exterior doors and windows, and/or porch and deck flooring.
* Honest Abe offers the most complete package you will find at the most competitive prices. Along with the materials mentioned previously, your Honest Abe log home package can include solid wood interior doors, tongue-and-groove material for ceilings and walls, interior gable siding, 5-inch board material suitable for baseboards and window/door trim, wide plank flooring, heavy timber stairs, porch railings, and clad windows.

-Aluminum Termite Shield
-2x8 Pressure Treated #2 SYP Sill Plate
-2x10 #2 SYP Floor Joists
-2x10 #2 SYP 3-Ply Flush Girder (or as engineered)
-Joist Bridging (or as engineered)
-Sub-floor Adhesive
-2x8 Pressure Treated #2 SYP Floor Joists (or as engineered)
-2x2 Pressure Treated #2 SYP Ledgers & Joist Hanger (as engineered)
-5/4 Pressure Treated Standard Floor Decking
-6x6 #2 White Pine Porch Posts
-6x6 #2 White Pine Angle Braces
-6x6 #2 White Pine Top Plates
-4x6 #2 White Pine Rafters
-2x6 Tongue-and-Groove Premium Select SPF Roof Decking
-2x4 #2 White Pine Rails
-2x2 #2 White Pine Spindles
-Exterior Stain/Finish (excluding porch floor)
-Kiln Dried Eastern White Pine Logs
-Exterior Stain/Finish
-Borate Wood Preservative
-Urethane Gasket Tape
-Urethane Spray Foam Insulation
-Oly-Log Fasteners (10")
-Pre-Cut Door and Window Rough Opening Jambs
-Log Siding Joist Band
-Kiln Dried 4x8 #2 White Pine Ceiling Beams (planed)
-4x8 #1 & Better Douglas Fir Ceiling Beams (only as engineered & specified)
-8x12 #1 & Better Douglas Fir or #2 White Pine Girder (as specified)
-Blocking and Headers (as specified)
-2x6 Tongue-and-Groove Premium Select SPF Floor Decking
-Ceiling Beam Spikes
-Girder Lag Screws
-Regular 2x Trusses (as specified)
-Bracing Hurricane Ties (as specified)
-2x False Overhang Rafters (as specified)
-1x6 Tongue-and-Groove Standard Premium Mix White Pine Ceiling
-7/16" OSB Roof Sheathing
-Ply Clips
-1x6 Tongue-and-Groove Standard Premium Mix White Pine Soffits
-2x Sub-Fascia & Soffit Framing
-1x2 White Pine Trim
-1x8 STK Western Red Cedar Fascia
-Continuous Soffit Vent
-Western Red Cedar Louvered Gable End Vents
-30# Felt Paper
-Felt Nails
-4x8 Planed #1 & Better Douglas Fir Rafters (as specified)
-Kiln Dried 4x8 Planed #2 White Pine Rafters (as specified)
-Kiln Dried 4x8 Planed #2 White Pine Collar Ties (or as specified)
-Kiln Dried 3x12 Planed #2 White Pine Ridge Pole (or as specified)
-Kiln Dried 6x6 Planed #2 White Pine Ridge Pole Support (or as specified)
-4x8 Wall Ties and Web Trusses (only as specified)
-Wall Tie Steel Plates, Bolts, Nuts & Washers (if required)
-Collar Tie Bolts, Nuts & Washers (if required)
-Rafter Spikes Hurricane Ties
-2x6 Tongue-and-Groove Premium Select SPF Roof Decking
-4x8 ISO Rigid Insulation (R-30)
-Ventilated Roof Components (2x4 sleepers panel screws continuous soffit)
-1x8 1x12 STK Western Red Cedar Fascia
-1x2 White Pine Trim
-1x12 Exterior Rafter Blocking Trim
-7/16" OSB Roof Sheathing
-30# Felt Paper
-Felt Nails
-#2 SPF 2x4 Gable End Studs Plates (or gambrel end if designed)
-7/16" OSB Gable End Sheathing (or gambrel end if designed)
-Exterior Log Siding
-Interior Log Siding
-#2 SPF 2x4 Studs Plates
-6" Lag Screws with Washers
-6" Oly-Log Settling Screws
-1x5 S4S Standard Premium Mix White Pine Baseboard
-1x5 S4S Standard Premium Mix White Pine Ceiling Trim
-Stair Stringers
-Stair Treads
-Green River Wood Double Hung Windows with Tilt Sashes
-1x4 Western Red Cedar Exterior Trim
-1x5 S4S Standard Premium Mix White Pine Interior Trim
-Jamb Extensions
-Removable Wood Grills
-Green River Stain-Grade Fiberglass Exterior Doors
-1x4 Western Red Cedar Exterior Trim
-1x5 S4S Standard Premium Mix White Pine Interior Trim
-Jamb Extensions
-Green River Pine 6 Panel Interior Doors
-1x5 S4S Standard Premium Mix White Pine Interior Trim
-4-9/16" Jambs

Log Descriptions
At Honest Abe Log Homes, we are proud of the log systems we have developed. Years of manufacturing experience have given us the "know how" that has led to the superior products we offer today. Attention to the little things like proper joinery, quality control, corner notches, and tight sealing methods have made our time-tested systems superior to any in the industry. All of our logs are kiln dried for stability, every log is graded and inspected to our high standards, and each log is stamped with our seal of approval before it goes into someone's home. Pictures
GENESIS LOG The Genesis log is a big 6" x 12" log that gives you that Appalachian feel but with no interior chinking. The exterior surface of the log is rough textured and has a groove at one edge that can be finished with chinking, or without it, as desired. The interior surface is smooth and enhances the massive feeling so characteristic in this log style. Dovetail corners compliment the look and ensure a tight fit. The logs are locked together with a large single tongue and groove, and a foam gasket and wood-binding sealer are applied between each course before fastening with large lag screws.
ORIGINAL CHINKED LOG Nothing offers the true feeling of rustic log home living better than our Original chinked log system. This 6" x 10" log features a rough-textured exterior surface, a smooth interior surface, and the traditional look of the chinked log joint. This log system is constructed with a solid spline between each log course, and chinking material is applied on both the interior and exterior sides of the wall. Dovetail corners compliment the look and ensure a tight fit. This log may also be hand hewn for the authentic look of a "real" log cabin. The logs are sealed with a large single tongue and groove and fastened together with lag screws.
INTERLOCKING ROUND LOG We are so proud of the corner design in this log system, we included it in the name. Better than a traditional saddle notch, the interlocking corners in the 8" x 8" round log offer a design unsurpassed in strength and "sealability." The logs are locked together with a large single tongue and groove, and a foam gasket and wood-binding sealer are applied between each course before the logs are fastened together with lag screws. The full round log is planed smooth on all sides, giving that "western" feel to any design.
MILLED-D LOG Our 8" x 8" Milled-D log is planed smooth on all sides for a beautiful appearance. This log system also features an inserted corner notch and a milled drip edge. These time-tested methods of joinery ensure an air-tight seal that keeps the outside elements outside. The logs are locked together with a large single tongue and groove, and a foam gasket and wood-binding sealer are applied between each course before fastening with lag screws.
TIMBER FRAME SYSTEM R-16 panels provide a continuous envelope of insulation without interruption by wall studs. The problem of unsightly wiring has been solved with pre-formed channels in each panel. This system includes post and beam Eastern White Pine timbers dressed smooth and exposed inside, mortise and tenon joinery pinned with wood pegs, 4' x 8' "sandwich" wall panels (sheetrock inside, EPS insulation in the middle, and exterior sheathing), and exterior Western Red Cedar siding (but you could use just about any exterior finish!).

Available Roof Styles
HEAVY TIMBER ROOF SYSTEM A favorite of many of our customers, this roofing system has it all. From large exposed beams and rafters to an impressive 2" x 6" tongue-and-groove interior ceiling finish, the Heavy Timber style roof provides the look and feel of traditional log home living. Backed by the durability and strength homeowners expect from Honest Abe, our ventilated Heavy Timber roof brings out the beauty and elegance of homes designed with spacious high lofts and cathedral ceilings. Picture
CONVENTIONAL TRUSS ROOF SYSTEM Used most commonly in our ranch-style one-story homes, the conventional truss roof style affords the homeowner the option of enjoying large, open rooms and vaulted ceiling without the inconvenience of ceiling support posts. Because of the flexibility of this roof style, homeowners can be more creative when designing the size, shape and placement of interior rooms. Our classic 1" x 6" tongue-and-groove interior ceiling finish is part of this solid roofing option. Picture
CONVENTIONAL ROOF SYSTEM This roof system offers an affordable option with our classic 1" x 6" tongue-and-groove interior ceiling finish. Honest Abe's conventional roof style is a solid choice for homes with second floor living space. Non-exposed beams provide for a flat ceiling surface in loft areas. Our conventional style roof will meet any homeowner's needs with beauty and reliability. Picture
SECOND FLOOR SYSTEM This popular second-floor feature adds a dimension to any log home by bringing the elegance and charm of our Heavy Timber roof system to first-floor living spaces. Massive 8" x 12" girders are supported by sturdy 8" x 8" support posts. The result is an attractive finished ceiling with exposed 4" x 8" beams and our classic 2" x 6" tongue-and-groove interior ceiling finish. Picture

Virginia Log Home Model
At Eastern Woodlands, we decided our office on I-95 would be a log cabin, and an Honest Abe Log Home was chosen in 8" x 8" eastern white pine Milled-D logs with both a Heavy Timber and a Conventional Roof system. Our office includes the 6" x 6" porch post system, the Heavy Timber second floor system, heavy timber stairs, wide plank flooring, interior tongue-and-groove along with many other features gathered locally.

Eastern Woodlands is located in central Virginia and would be glad to help with finding the right land parcel for your log home in Chesterfield County, Powhatan County, Amelia County, Nottoway County, Dinwiddie County, Prince George County, Charles City County, New Kent County, Sussex County, Surry County, Brunswick County, Greensville County, Colonial Heights, Petersburg, Richmond and anywhere you are! Being centrally located, we are not far from you. Do give us a call so we can discuss your land needs. Thank you for considering Eastern Woodlands and Honest Abe Log Homes.

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